What humankind could archive if we stopped behaving like gods

What humankind could archive if we stopped playing gods

Our society if we started working together, instead of fighting each other politically, economically, or literally.

imgFebruary 23rd, 2018 by Twitter user @bhrisgreen


Did you know that NASA Got 22 Billion dollars last year? I mean, that’s too much, isn’t it? That’s at least what every fifth American citizen complains about. And they totally got the right to do that since it’s their hard-earned money; therefore, they should be allowed to decide whether money is better invested in advancing technologies that are meant to destroy and split nationalities, how it has been done for thousands of years, or in that some that are intended to bring us together by combining forces to explore unexplored not as a country, but as humans.


Humans are afraid of others. Reviewing our history, it made sense to overpower others, to outnumber potential enemies, simply to rule. But in the last 150 years, besides some throwbacks, we continually realized a greater good by working together due to globalization and industrialization. I don’t understand how on one side, we are trying to archive sexual and racial equality, for example, while still not accepting us as one big family of humankind.


Comparing NASA’s budget, which is about 0,5 percent of the USA’s annual expenditures, to the military one (32x that much), you start to wonder about the tolerance, acceptance, and futuristic vision the Government claims to have. Now, I’m not going to bullshit you with random numbers that you’ll surely forget within the next 5 minutes, but let’s put it that way. For every Hellfire rocket that is destroying families oversee, those ten thousands of dollars could instead be used to develop vaccines, education, renewable energy sources that we need so badly to alive, or futuristic rockets that could help us colonize other planets as a backup of our species to survive if something goes terribly wrong down here.

700 Billion Dollars. That’s the number the military got 2020, to establish peach and safety for the American citizen. I’m questioning if armed drones are the right way to do that, but being a german, that’s really not my business. It just seems like the war against terrorism is not a 100% thought out, since, understandable, some having to Widnes their families dying as being acceptable causalities, they might develop hate against the west.

Going back; 700 Billion Dollars. Do you know how much money that is? Well, I certainly don’t. I can’t imagine a number that big, so I googled it. They spent roughly a quarter of it into the Navi, building warships, For example, one quarter to the US Air Force, building Jets for 100 million dollars each, helicopters and other intimidating crafts, and another quarter on the army. Of course, during the current COVID pandemic, they are used to organize and execute AID missions, and in case of other catastrophic events, they are evacuating people, protecting them, or supply them with food or similar lifesaving products. They do a lot more stuff, but that’s not the point right now. I’m just asking if it is really needed to drastically outnumber every other country Attack helicopters by at east the factor of 3,8? ( comparing USAs (6417), Russias (1655) and Libyas (235) military attack helicopters 2020 after power).


Don’t get me wrong, competition, also on a governmental matter, is needed, and that’s what keeps pushing us further. But our Free Market, for example, also works without life-taking forces. So do we need them on a governmental base? Good examples for healthy competitions are the space race, which, unfortunately, due to funding cuts stopped, or the Smartphone market, where leading companies like Blackberry and Nokia were entirely replaced by younger, more visionary competitors that predicted a different future.

Now, I don’t want a second guess war because I did that a long time ago and realized there really is nothing to guess about. But, bare with me, what if we would eliminate all military, not governmental, but worldwide, and use that money to, for example, build an outpost on the moon, or Mars, no maybe even Pluto? I know this is naive since we would never get anybody in politics to give up their military, but what if we would end this stupid, never-ending war of people? I mean, what do other, higher developed civilizations think of us? “Oh, they didn’t even establish peace themselves, so why bother to contact them?”.

Well, we could… We could do a lot. If you are under the age of 25, probably have already seen the Meme I chose as the thumbnail above. Of course, it’s just an illusion, and our society would probably not be that accurate, but it makes me dream of a brighter future of ours.


One thing is for sure, though. This would only work if everybody disarmed, disable, and scrap forces. Otherwise, one party could take advantage of the situation and make everything archived worthless. There should still be general police, overseen by the public, handling security and safety equally, to secure from those who really are bad. Unfortunately, due to the easy accessibility to gain weapons and, therefore, power, this is impossible to accomplish right now.

“The American right to own their weapons” seemed to make sense a long time ago, but what happened in the Wild West is an excellent example of what happens if accessibility is not regulated. In my opinion, nowadays, weapons and this right of every citizen, to protect themselves, whatsoever, does more harm than good!

A lot of trust in a more generous system would be required to lose from something so human — own Protection. But simple misunderstandings, as we all witness, can do a lot of useless harm and hate. So, in my opinion, it would be worth it.

I already envy those future people when they have figured it out and finally focus on what’s beyond.

Originally published at https://posts.henriklein.de on October 14, 2020.